Sabtu, 02 Oktober 2010

justin bieber's fairytale

"baby" I need "somebody to love". Some body who "love me" and pick me who I am. because I know my love is "bigger" than her.And I'll tell you "one time"that I hate your "kiss n tell" with her.and i felt so "speechless" when know it. I will remind you again that she isn't your "favorite girl".
Now you ask me why I love you. i love you cause iI like your "big brown eyes" and "u smile". then I ask you to give me "second chance" for say "never let you go". But it's too late cuz when we got our "first dance" in the "saturday night live" you say that you pick her as your "einie minney" and you think that she is a "rich girl". Oh my god.. Why is my love come to "run away love" ?? I really "can't live without you". Aren't there you "set a place at your table" for my heart"!? "you should pick me" and "down to earth" with me."where are you now" oh my "pretty boy swag"??
It happen a view years ago. and i'll "up" now. cause it "that should be me". Then my "one love" come to me. oh.. thanks God.. you give someone better than him. some one that say "never say never" to accept his love. you know friend.. he is Justin Bieber who "pick me" as who I am.

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